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Pole Length - 3m


Pole Length - 4.5m


Pole Length - 6m


  • Battery backup.
  • High volume capability.
  • Rapid boom pole raise (3m version < 1.2sec).
  • Smooth intelligent speed control.
  • High torque boom pole operation.
  • Robust, durable and slim-line operator casing.
  • LCD user interface for simple setup.
  • Onboard code-hopping multi channel receiver with selective add and delete.
  • Integrated ChronoGuard (a word first) timer functionality.

traffic barries accessories


Technical Data 部门3 SECTOR 4.5 SECTOR 6
Input Voltage 220V - 240V AC ± 10 %, 50 Hz
Motor Voltage 12V DC
Motor Power supply Battery driven - 2A charger
Boom Pole length & raise time 3m - 1.2 sec 4.5m - 3 sec 6m - 3 sec
Daily Operations - Max 3000
Duty Cycle - mains present 80%


Access Control

Frequently Asked Questions About Boom Barriers

What are boom barriers most commonly used for?

Boom barriers are most commonly seen around toll booths and checkpoints where they act as traffic control points in a restricted area. These can be seen in car parking lots, restricted entry points, high-security zones, checkpoints, level crossings, drawbridges, etc.

What kind of advantages do boom barriers provide?

Boom barriers have limited functioning, but they are extremely efficient and reliable. These are automated gates to control the movement of vehicles wherever necessary. With only a few parts, they are easy to install and maintain.

Can boom barriers be automated?

Yes, boom barriers or boom gates can be automated by installing a scanning facility. Users can scan their tickets to open and enter. This makes them more efficient and affordable.

What are the types of boom barriers available?

Boom barriers are available in different types including straight arm, fence arm, folding arm, and advertising types. LED indicators can also be added to these barriers making them better visible.

What are boom barriers made of and are they durable?

Boom barriers are made of robust steel and are usually considered durable for the kind of function they have to perform. They are installed more for regulating traffic than high-security and they are capable of doing that perfectly.

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