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Rigid & Stable Barrier - A1 Fence

Simple to Install

RDB boxes are transported in collapsible stacks and can be erected into boxes with ease thus making them ready for action in no time

Rigid & Stable

Rigid & Stable

The wires are welded together by a resistance welding process providing high weld strength which keeps the panel rigid and stable.The V Bends and additional wires welded at close distance at the bottom provide stability against bending due to sand or stones infill thereby retaining the shape of the RDB.

Long Life Barrier - A1 Fence

Long Life

Powder coated panels provide resistance corrosion in harsh environmental conditions ensuring the product longevity.


Panel Height (mm) Panel Width (mm) Mesh Size (mm) Wire Diameter (mm)
750 750 75x75 4

Multiple Options Available


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